Judith Kornett graduated from the University of Maryland with a BFA and an MFA in printmaking. She spent the next 40 years teaching art in Annapolis, Maryland. While teaching Judith continued to be a productive artist, producing limited edition prints, fine art photography, and colored pencil and graphite drawings. Since 2008, Kornett has concentrated on ceramic sculpture, using both hand built and thrown forms to create her pieces. Through her pieces she explores form, imagery and surface, with an emphasis on pattern, texture, and color.

In her own words

 Clay sculpture has given me a vehicle for exploring my world, inner and outer, as well as the opportunity to discover what can be revealed on both a spiritual and a tangible level through the creation of an artifact. Use of the word artifact is purposeful because, when a work is completed, I feel as I imagine an archeologist feels while when brushing away the final layer of dust or sand from an object, suddenly revealing a previously unseen treasure.

My sculptures are built using slabs, coils and thrown pieces that are assembled and then embellished using stamps and molds of my own construction.   I generally leave some of the surface bare of of color. On the remaining surface I apply stains, underglazes and glazes. After firing in either a wood fired or raku kiln, adornment is completed through the addition of materials such as feathers, wire, beads, found objects and paint.