My new series of sculptures, and thrown/ altered, semi- functional pieces are artifacts in the true sense of the word. They are “objects made by a human being, typically an item of cultural or historical interest”. They will reflect experiences from my personal history and recent occurrences in American society such as the mass shootings, hate crimes and general violence that have become all too familiar in our culture.

Because my artifacts are tangible, touchable symbols of personal and global traumas, I am creating a body of work that can be read, held and will hopefully inspire further discourse. Sculptures will sometimes be paired with a vessel, sometimes with an original print. In most cases text will be impressed, inscribed or drawn upon the objects, often traveling from one object to the next. This body of work is my personal statement as an artist.









 Judith Kornett graduated from the University of Maryland with a BFA and an MFA in printmaking. She spent the next 40 years teaching art in Annapolis, Maryland. While teaching Judith continued to be a productive artist, producing limited edition prints, fine art photography, and colored pencil and graphite drawings. Since 2008, Kornett has concentrated on ceramic sculpture, using both hand built and thrown forms to create her work. Through this work she explores form imagery and surface, with an emphasis on pattern, texture, and color.


The last ten years have seen an astounding evolution in my sculpture. My first series, created in 2008, depicted mythological figures, both classical and invented. These sculptures were both electric and wood-fired. They were mostly humorous in nature, often embellished with colorful feathers, beads and wires. While attractive and fanciful, they did not feed my artistic soul.

My next series was started in 2012. It was a reaction to the ever-increasing levels of violence both in the United States and abroad. These figures had such titles as "Crawling for Safety" or "Do Guns Have a Heart?"”.  Throughout this series the viewer could discern the consistent presence of personal icons such as shoes, black hearts, and guns, all representing elements of the anti-violence theme.

Currently I am working on a series of sculptures devoted to the expression of deeply felt pain, sorrow and heartache.  Creating this body of work has been an intense and soul-searching experience, one that I believe will continue for some time to come.


Judith’s work may be seen at:


            Judith Kornett Arts on Facebook

            Gallery 209, Rockville, Md.

            Frederick Potters Guild, 

14 S. Market Street, Frederick, Maryland

            ClaytArts Vegas, Las Vegas Nevada

            District Clay, Washington DC


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