Art reflects what is occurring inside, outside, and around me. To say that the last twelve months have been a year that only Rod Serling could have created is the understatement of the year. I personally have run the gauntlet of cancer, death, loneliness, pandemic, depression and worst of all, artist’s block. This gauntlet has been my own personal challenge.

 This exhibit’s body of work is about me. The process of creation, and the pain and fire I have had to traverse have proven to me that I am the powerful survivor and heroic woman that others have always depended on, and thus I have grown into my GAUNTLETTE, each piece of art depicts the FYRE in my soul. 


But it took a personal eon to find the fyre because of the depth of the despair and the aloneness I felt in my effort to climb back to whatever stability my world has to offer. “How can I conquer this malaise?” I asked myself every morning as I struggled to get out of bed. “Why should I even want to?” I asked next. I had no answer.


But then I had an “AHA!”

 I saw it first as a small dark shape appearing in the corner of my vision. Slowly it took more shape and traveled with me. Soon it was my raven, big and black, flying  beside me, wing and tail feathers trailing glorious and brilliant fire. The raven is my spirit. Here was my Fyre!


Now that he had reappeared, I could not fly fast enough into my studios. Clay was once again my lover, as was glass, fiber, and printmaking. I remembered that glass is glaze and glaze is glass. I could not sit at my spinning wheel more enthusiastically, in order to create the yarn that would become my wall hangings. I delighted in bells, beads, pearls, ribbons and feathers. And my raven was everywhere.


Can you see my raven in my work? In much of my pieces he is very obvious, flying above me, below me, next to me or with invited friends. In some he is hidden, but you must believe he is always there.


So, in the end, my part of the show is about war, suffering and ultimate survival. It is about finding my spirit, my raven, successful transformation, and in the end the ability to once again become productive. It is ultimately about having conquered travail and passed through to the Gauntlette of Fyre.

December, 2020